Public and Private bodies are required to register their Information Officers as per section 55 of POPIA with the Information Regulator

Public Bodies according to section 32 of PAIA must submit Annual Reports to the Information Regulator


The following are some of the commonly asked questions and answers about the registration of Information Officers and the submission of Section 32 Annual Reports, as well as connections to further information and resources.

To be able to access the portal you must be using Microsoft-Edge or Chrome as your internet(Mozilla Firefox and Safari will not work)

Please ensure that the Registration name(name of the company) is filled in and indicate whether you are registering for yourself or as an Agent(Proxy).

Kindly proceed to Section F which is a summary, and you will be able to see the submit button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Putting contact details – what to do: please delete spaces in between the numbers
  • Copying and pasting email address – what to do: please do backspace.
  • Changing bodies – what to do: if you choose public instead of private mistakenly, please delete the draft and start from scratch.
For any technical issues please contact us on: helpdesk@inforegulator.org.za on the website.

Additional Resources

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